"Do not let things that you cannot do
interfere in the things that you can"

"Never give up and you will succeed"

"The way you deal with failure dictates
the way you achieve success"

"The path ahead is more important
than the one left behind"

"Failure hurts. Conformism kills"

"Failure starts where effort ends"

"Most of the battles are won
before they take place"

"To dream is always a great limit"

"It is imposible to be the best
at something you don't enjoy"

"You'll have to give all what you've got
in order to be the best one"

"Mistakes are teaching experience
and we have learnt from them"

"Never a failure, always a lesson"

"Shouts are a form of praise.
Whispers are a form of criticism"

"Get comfortable with what you have
but not with what you are"

"If you do not know what are you looking for
you will not understand what you find"


September 11 2015

Rubén Perelló, presentado como nuevo entrenador del C.B. Almansa

"Vengo a poner mi experiencia al servicio del club con la mentalidad de seguir creciendo", declaró el técnico durante su presentación.

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July 05 2015

Campus de Tecnificación de la FBCV

El entrenador Rubén Perelló participó en el Campus de Tecnificación organizado por la Federación de Baloncesto de la Comunidad Valenciana. El técnico realizó un trabajo específico con el grupo de los bases en categoría Infantil y Cadete.

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